5 Reasons I Love Young Living

1. Quality

Just because it smells like Lavender, doesn’t mean it’s really Lavender!

There are definitely cheaper essential oils out there. You’ve probably seen them at your local co-op, or these days even at Wal-Mart and T.J.Maxx. First of all, there is no way to know the purity or origin of the ones that you buy directly off the shelf or online. The reality is that the majority have as little as 5% actual essential oil —even if the label says “100% pure!” 😱 In contrast, Young Living controls the entire process,  “from seed to seal”, so you know that no pesticides were used,  no extra ingredients added. They even hand-weed the crops!  The oils are distilled the right way, at the right time, to produce the highest quality oils available anywhere. #knowyourfarmer

meadow to yours


2. The Proof is in the Pudding

A couple of weeks ago I realized that my phone really does charge a lot faster if I use an original manufacturer’s charger over a lightning cable that I bought at Dollar General. I had assumed all this time that cables are cables and it was the fact that my phone was getting older that was causing it to take so long to charge. Nope, it was because I was using a substitute charger cable instead of the real deal.

Similarly,  I used oils from Edens Garden via Amazon for a couple of years before I bought my Young Living starter kit. And they were okay, smelled good, had good reviews. But when I started using my YL oils, I honestly can say I became happier and more productive within a week.

3. The Premium Starter KitPremium Starter Kit with Dewdrop

Having the starter kit gave me a solid foundation, with a well-rounded group of oils on hand for about any scenario. So when I banged my knee on my sister’s table, I had Copaiba and Panaway to rub on it. My pain was seriously gone in about 10 minutes. I would never have bought those oils on my own. And if I had I would have paid a lot more for all of the oils that I got in that kit.

4. The YL Community.

With Young Living I have found a network of people that are passionate about chemical-free living. They love sharing information about oils, with personal experiences that make it easy to understand. So I use the oils properly and more effectively, with better results.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

5. Buying Local, Giving Back

I’m generally resistant to the idea of buying from a network marketing company. My mom sold Mary Kay back in the day. I’ve been to tons of home parties for various things. Some I loved, some not so much. But here’s the thing. It does help MY community, MY people. And in the case of Young Living, people who genuinely want you to be happier and healthier. Who are you supporting when you buy from some random company when you buy an oil from TJ Maxx? Who benefits from that purchase?

Image may contain: textThe more I learn about Young Living, the more I love this company. The people of this community are using YL products to be more healthy and productive and positive. And their entire goal is to spread that opportunity to others. To help other people be healthier and more relaxed and happier and financially unburdened. I have felt no pressure whatsoever to sell anything, or have parties, or act like I’m an expert on something I’m not. But I do feel compelled to share MY experiences, because I want to see others benefit just like MY family has.

The bottom line is this: after using these oils I feel better. I drink more water. I am more productive. I’m honestly happier and more positive. I’m supported by a huge group of people who are positive and uplifting without being over-the-top weird or “crunchy” about it. They’re just trying to beat this fast-paced, processed, sometimes toxic world we live in, too.

If you want more info, please email me at bethankfulandgiveback@gmail.com. You won’t regret it.


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