Grounded in Gratitude

One phrase has kept me grounded during so many times when I am ready to pull my hair out… that there is “always, always, always something to be thankful for“.  It’s literally on the wall as you enter my house.


Staying grounded is about remembering to be thankful for what you have and stop focusing on what you want. Remembering your true self, your true friends… not the image you project to everyone else. Ideally, making those one and the same. Here are some ways to reset your brain when you find you have just a little too much going on:

Take a mental break.

Mentally reset. Force yourself to think about something – anything – that is completely opposite of what is bothering you. Find a phrase that works for you and put it close by. Roll a little Stress Away on your wrists or the back of your neck. Diffuse Valor, Purification, or Lavender to clear your mind and relax.

Take a walk, or go for a run.

Plug in your headphones or just silence electronics altogether and get moving. Look around. Don’t just run or walk with your head down, your eyes unfocused, your thoughts on worries and troubles. Tune in to the miracles of the world around you. Put a drop or 2 of Peppermint and your favorite carrier oil on your hands and rub into the back of your neck before you head out to give you that little extra pep.

Clean one room, or even just one area.

I hate to clean. Truly. But cleaning out one drawer or even just wiping down the kitchen really doesn’t take that much time and leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. (As long as I don’t look around the rest of the house! LOL) Purification is amazing to at least make the place smell clean and drive out the molds and mildews that seem to want to try to hang around, at least in summertime in the South. I love diffusing Valor and Tangerine, putting on some music and just getting one. thing. done. It works wonders for my mood!

Plant something or pull a weed.

If you’re like me, weeds are never a problem to find! There’s something about getting in the dirt that is always grounding (see what I did there?). Doing basic physical work, whether it’s gardening or painting or even vacuuming (ugh) lets your brain chill. Just spray on some insect repellent first, so you stay skeeter-free!

Reach out.

Humans are wired for community, for social interactions. So, while I like my alone time, I find that I recharge just by calling and talking to friends or family.  Facebook is no substitute for real communication. And you might be surprised by how that [literal] face time helps the other person, too.


Put down the phone. Be present. I think this is the hardest one to do in our connected society. I know I have a really hard time with it. But truly listening to your spouse, or kids, or parents or friends or even complete strangers is such a gift – to both of you.

Give back.

Doing something nice for someone else is so good for our souls. It doesn’t matter if they appreciate it or even know it. And it doesn’t have to cost anything. Just smile at the grocery store clerk, make a point to look up and say hello. Volunteer to run the concession stand at school, or send your child’s teacher a random thank you email. Everyone wins.

I’m not a doctor of any kind, just expressing my own thoughts from my own experience. Take them as you will. If you’re interested in learning more about living chemical-free, let me know via the Contact tab, above.


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