20 Cents to Happiness

I love a good French Vanilla Latte from Starbucks as much as the next person. (And no, I didn’t say Skinny Vanilla Latte because really who loves anything skinny? You get the Skinny version because you feel guilty about getting the real thing. It’s a great compromise, but you don’t love compromises.) In any case, while I do indulge in Starbucks every once in awhile, the reality is that it ain’t cheap, and I live too far away from the nearest  to indulge in it very often.

So for under $0.20 a day I indulge in adding Baileys French Vanilla creamer to my brewed coffee. It is flat-out delicious. I started using Baileys because it had the least number of ingredients on the back. But it still has a high-quality flavor. A couple of weeks ago I tried CoffeMate Natural Bliss vanilla creamer, and it was okay. It’s GMO-free, which is great,  but I found it a little weak. Some of the other brands taste okay, but have a ton of artificial ingredients.

So I brew my coffee,  add my Baileys, put a little Young Living Valor in my diffuser, and start my day right!

These opinions are strictly my own. I sometimes include affiliate links because if I’m going to recommend something, I might as well tell you how to find it so you can check it out yourself. However, I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t truly love. Follow the links for more information on the creamers. If you want any information on Young Living Essential Oils please let me know. I have become a huge fan and would love to help you learn more about them.


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