The Crazy Oil Lady

Yep,  that’s what they call me. Now.  And knowing my family,  probably always will. But that’s okay. I don’t need them to actually admit that essential oils work, I just need them to be happier and healthier.

A few years ago, I watched my Mom lose a long, slow, painful battle with cancer. It was awful. She had so few options for relief from pain and depression and all the other side effects of treatment. More recently, my sister retired only to realize that driving 40 miles one way for a stressful job doesn’t necessarily make for a healthy heart. I have a good friend with thyroid issues, another with type II diabetes, and another whose daughter is struggling with friends at school. And all of us are juggling more bills and higher costs of living.

There has to be a better way.

A way to treat pain and anxiety without causing 40 other issues. A way to deal with all the stress of 21st-century-living that probably shouldn’t be so stressful but it just IS.

A way to be healthier from the get-go. BEFORE it gets so bad that you’re no longer YOU.

So I started Googling and reading and found essential oils. So I bought a few online. And a diffuser. And I liked them okay. I dabbled. I went to a home party or two. Pinned… a lot, lol.

And then this year I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. And I took the plunge and bought the Premium Starter Kit. And it all clicked. It makes so much more sense when you have a community around you, sharing ideas and experiences and a sense of purpose. It’s like I was just wandering before, and now I have a path.

So please, if you’re feeling any of these things, join me in this journey. Ask me how to get your own Premium Starter Kit. It really is worth it.

These ideas and opinions are strictly my own. I sometimes include affiliate links because if I’m going to recommend something, I might as well tell you how to find it so you can check it out yourself. However, I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t truly love. If you want any information on Young Living Essential Oils please let me know. I have become a huge fan and would love to help you learn more about them.

YL The Perfect Fit


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